Hiya, interwebs!


Formally introducing myself here. Hello, I am Chelly Caritativo, a twenty-something education advocate and dark chocolate lover. Any *fresh* dish with salmon is something I’d love to eat. Books amaze me. Writing, taking photos, and painting keep me sane. Dogs revive me.

I also live with multiple chronic illnesses.

Before I became sick, I’d dream of becoming an educator who will

  • establish an arts school in 2050
  • own five dogs
  • marry a good and kind-hearted man
  • co-own a social enterprise (a cafe!)
  • care for as many children as I can

Now…I can still do those. Surprised?

My five illnesses will not make things easy but ya girl is determined to live a life I’ll be at peace with. Currently, I’m taking my second degree in education studies major in instructional design and technology.  Together with my two friends, I am also planning to start a mini online art shop.

Topics of this blog range from chronic illness awareness and health to arts and politics. I’m excited to write about my experiences and thoughts here.

See you next post, yes? 🙂


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