Dog x OTP Series

To lower the anxiety level I had back in March, I worked on a mini art project depicting my favorite fictional pairings as dogs. I did this with Adobe Photoshop as I am still a noob at Illustrator. I once thought of printing these works as postcards but I was not able to check if there is a market for something like this.

Anyway, here are my favorite OTPs and how I figured out which dog represented them:

1.  Dmitri & Anastasia from Anastasia (1997)

Dmitri-Anastasia - Type

For this pairing, I chose Russian dogs to represent both characters. Dmitri is a Siberian Husky because both are easy going, funny, friendly, and mischievous. Anastasia is a Royal Spaniel to pay tribute to the royal dog of the Romanovs, Joy.

2. Draco & Hermione from the Harry Potter series

Hermione - Draco w type

Dramione has always been my main ship since time immemorial. There’s a spark between the two characters that was unexplored by the books.  (Thank you, fanfics!) Anyway, Hermione is a Border Collie because this English dog is the smartest and one of the most hardworking out there. Plus, look at that fluffy but tamed fur! Draco is a Papillon primarily to pay tribute to his French heritage and distinct hair. Papillons are among the smartest and is known to be a slow-to-warm up dog.

3. Belle & Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast (1991, 2017)

Beauty and The Beast Type

Belle and Prince Adam are French dog breeds, Poodle and Briard. I choose a Poodle to represent Belle because both are mislabelled as only beautiful not knowing that they are also smart, sophisticated, and loyal. Beast is a Briard because both can be aloof with strangers. Once you get to know them, they will show you their friendly and fiercely loyal nature hidden under all that fur.

Thinking of continuing this art series in the future. Which pairing would you like to see next? 🙂


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